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How secure was the Weimar Germany by 1924? When Germany began facing a prospective defeat in the war a civilian government gave way to a military government. however by 1917 the when the position of Germany in the war was miserable due to a possible defeat in the war on the western front, naval blockades that crippled Germany and the usa entry into the war the Kaiser wanted to proclaim a republican government in Germany. President Wilson did not see this in good light as he said that the allies would negotiate only with a democratic country. At this time, Germany was not in a favourable condition due to war and there were uprisings all over it. This scared the Kaiser and he fled to Holland. This left Germany in a lurch and the moderate leaders lead by Philip scheindemann proclaimed Germany a republic on November 9th 1918.this was the birth of theWeimar government in Germany. However this proclamation was not enough, it was properly established after the constitution was established firmly. .Many internal political and economical crises’ had to be faced by the government. A very severe crisis that was faced by the government was the economical degradation of Germany. The mark had fallen from 8.9 to a dollar in 1918 to 4200000000 by November 1923.there were many causes like the first world war had brought inflation in the German economy. The Berlin government accelerated this by using deficit spending. In addition, the amount of repremandations that Germany had to pay was huge and the occupation of Ruhr valley by France leads to cripple the German economy further. It was finally saved by gustave sterssman in the German chancellor in 1923.he reduced government expenditure and substituted the renten mark in place of the devalued mark. In addition, the troops were withdrawn from France. The world began to see the injustice that had been done to

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