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Camille Johnson ENG 1101 T5/12 J Lewis, Instructor June 7, 2012 The Ad for Weight Watchers works as an effective advertisement because it sends a message to those who see themselves as overweight and its purpose is to make you believe that you can lose a large amount of weight when you use their program. “Join Weight Watchers because it works, Jennifer Hudson did now it’s your turn, your time and your year.” Among the groups most unfairly discriminated against are overweight people. Discrimination against overweight people, particularly women is as common as racial discrimination according to a study by the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale -University. The Study documented the prevalence of self-reported weight discrimination and compared it to experiences of discrimination based on race and gender among a nationally representative sample of Adults aged 25-74 years-old. The data was obtained from the National Survey of midlife development in the United States. Weight Watchers may work for some people and may not for others so it would require a lot of dedication, focus and commitment, but so does everything that you really want in life. Personally, I have never tried Weight Watchers, but it has crossed my mind especially when I see a young Beautiful Black Woman who’s not only talented in the music industry and Oscar Winning actress Jennifer Hudson transformed herself from a full figured woman to a much thinner and healthier woman while using the Weight Watchers weight-loss program. Hudson became the spokesperson for the weight loss program in 2010. Her commitment to getting fit also led her to walk away from the lead role in the Oscar-winning film “Precious.” In her new book, “I Got This: How I changed my ways and lost what weighed me down, “Hudson writes that after putting on pounds for “Dream Girls” (which won her an Oscar) She

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