Weight Management Journal Assignment Essay

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Dear Plump Betty, The media portrays a very unrealistic idea of how an ideal body should look. The models that you see in magazines live a very unhealthy lifestyle. In the modeling industry, they would get paid to nearly starve themselves to death-in order to achieve a stick thin and anorexic body. It may look like a glamorous life, but behind the scenes, many of them are abnormally thin, and have eating disorders. It seems as if models nowadays or becoming even thinner, while many women are getting heavier, so there is a wide range between the "ideal" body shape and the reality. There needs to be more realistic body types shown across television and fashion magazines. Being big-boned is not fat. The media has brainwashed females- especially young teens- thinking that they're "fat", comparing themselves to stick thin models and celebrities. The media tends to portray a limited number of body types and ideas that links to the external appearance. We should put more focus in better eating and health , rather than stressing over the different ways to make your body the ''ideal'' body type. It is hard to stick with diets. I'm not saying diets don't work- they do, but only when you're on them . Many dieters actually end up heavier few years after their diet. The most likely reason for the rebound is that as soon as they stop restricting themselves from their own set of diet rules, they will go back to the same habits that made them gain weight in the first place. Another thing is that our bodies tend to rebel. When you stop yourself from eating, it can cause your metabolism to slow down and make losing weight even harder. Once your body realizes that it's not getting as much food, it will start to conserve energy. When you find that Slim Fast and other diet foods that don't work,
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