Weight Management Essay

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Sports with Weight Restrictions Today we live in a sports society that places a high standard on healthy athletes and positive images related with the sport in particular. The physique and stature of these individuals are often under great scrutiny by fans, owners, and media. Athletes have a multitude of benefits from cutting weight to further their performance in their sport. It allows the athlete to enter a weight class to where they may have a dominate presence; usually if a heavier athlete makes weight for a class below his “normal” weight, he/she often has the “upper hand” or advantage. In opposition to the many benefits that result from cutting weight there are tremendous amounts of negative effects as a result of cutting down. There are safe and healthy forms of cutting weight that gradually decrease an athlete’s weight for performance. These approaches are sometimes the road less traveled by inexperienced athletes. And of course there are the unhealthy and dangerous methods to cutting weight in order to participate in competition. Most young athletes fall victim to these unhealthy forms of entering a desired weight class, because more than likely the coach is not as educated in weight cutting as they believe! Becoming involved in sports that have weight class requirements are demanding as they can possibly be; taking into consideration that the athlete is still expected to perform at an intense level. It is very hard to determine whether or not weight class sports are unhealthy for athletes or the fact that it actually increases the desired level of performance. When dealing with weight restricted sports and intense performance there is always an inquiry of the diets, methods used and the overall lifestyle of an elite athlete in a weight restricted sport. In an article review about exercise, appetite and weight management there aren’t many correlations
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