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Weight Loss Identifying Problems Essay

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Weight loss Identifying the Problems and Issues
                          Marilyn Nelson

I have identified a personal problem of being overweight. After developing several health risk, feeling tired, and not liking the way my clothing fits. I have made the huge step in identifying that I have a problem. The answer is simple, lose weight! Or is it really that simple? After deciding that I needed to change my eating habits and get more physical, my first reaction was to do a crash diet, join a gym or both. I did as many others do on New Year’s Eve and made the resolution to get this done. It is now well after New Year’s, and I have been thinking about the solution to the problem. Now, is where you laugh! In seriousness, deep thought as brought me to learn that I need a lifestyle change, not only weight loss.   I am determined to make these changes, and for the final time do this thing.   This all has brought me to a new development in my problem solution tactics. As I stated, my problem I then started talking to more people about how they lost weight. Everyone has an opinion, or something to sell. I narrowed it down to two of the issues. One joining a gym and becoming a gym rat, knowing that this would take much of my time. I then was invited to a workout session called “cross fit”. That was way too intense, and I could hardly walk for three days. I have a friend to sells the “pink” diet drink. After much of her boast of health reasoning’s and weight loss, I purchased this. I have seen energy results, but no miracle weight loss. I started watching the Biggest Looser, seeing that although there is inspiration there, who really has six months to spend at a ranch to lose the weight. By forming a plan to work and solve this problem I continue to do research. After the intense Cross fit episode, and the Pink Drink failure. I then looked back at joining a gym. Now, to further this investigation. Why join a gym? It will cost money, take time, require special clothing,...

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