Weight Lifting Essay

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Weight Lifting I lift weights regularly; here are the reasons why. Weight lifting helps keep my body in great physical shape. When lifting weights, your heart, as a muscle, gets a workout, which in turn makes it stronger. Lifting helps build up my bones. Bones respond to lifting, making them stronger and then helping to prevent osteoporosis. Your metabolic rate increases, as lifting builds muscle, and muscle burns more calories than fat. When you lift, it rips little strands of muscle tissue, and the muscles grow back bigger and stronger. This makes me stronger, and able to do more things in my life. As result of being stronger, I am able to increase my performance in sports. I also have more endurance to perform everyday tasks. While I strengthen my muscles and bones, it also will help prevent any injuries to myself. Weight lifting makes me feel better about myself. By lifting, I feel like I am benefiting myself in mind, and body. After I lift weights, I always feel better, both physically and mentally. I feel like I have more energy, and that I am more alert. I am not just sitting around being indolent or a couch potato. I am making my body stronger and healthier. My body becomes leaner and less fatty. I feel like I have more endurance, in the long run. Most of all, for me, is that it helps relieve the stresses of the day. While I am lifting, and after I have lifted weights, I feel invincible. To sum it up, weight lifting helps me feel better about myself. I am benefiting by becoming stronger, healthier and

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