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In today’s society, there are some people don’t exercise enough and then there are others who over exert themselves with too much exercise. Some women exercise every day to stay fit and slim, while men exercise everyday to increase their muscle mass to become big and have definition. These days many people don’t realize that over exercising and not exercising at all is affecting their health. Some people can become obese and show signs of health problems such as diabetes, depression, heart disease and stroke from lack of exercising. Nevertheless over exercising can lead to serious health problems such as heart failure, bone lose, muscle strains and in addition to eating disorders such as bulimia, and anorexia. Not to mention steroid usage. Society is more concern about people being obese; then the health issues that occur from over exercising and not exercising at all. Why does society criticize people that are obese? People who are obese aren’t physically active or have unhealthy eating habits. However, obesity can be caused by lack of energy, health conditions and medications. As a result people can become over weight without even knowing that the cause of the weight gain is due to a health condition or a medication that they are taking. Some medications can increase a person appetite, slow the rate in which the body burn calories and can cause a person body to hold extra water, which can cause someone to gain weight. One health condition that can cause weight gain is thyroids. Thyroid gland controls how the body uses it energy, makes proteins, and control the hormones that are produced. If a thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones. According to U.S Department of Health & Human Services (2011, ch 5), “The thyroid hormones will slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain. People can become tired, week and lose energy. Society thinks being slim and

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