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Weight and Power My mother once told me a very important story about body imageand power. In early 2005, my parents went to a car show, as my fatherlikes these types of things. There was a small dining hall in which a group of couples were drinking and talking among themselves. While conversing, joking and socializing , a woman with long blonde hair, nicely tanned skin, and a tiny waist walked into the room. Dead silence swept the lobby as she walked by in her daisy dukes and a white t-shirt. Only a few seconds of silence went by, but everyone in the room could feel her impact. My mother said to the people around her,” Wow, that is so much power!” That story will remain in my memory for me for the rest of my life. Women use looks as a means to power. Today, weight is compared to a woman’s worth, creating a significant amount of privilege attached to it. Going through everyday life as a woman, I am painfully reminded of how women uses body weight as a way of getting what they want. Our culture has a very high emphasis placed on weight and appearance. What is seen to be healthy might be unhealthy and vice versa. Women are conditioned from a very young age that skinny grants superiority. Hence, women of all sizes use weight control as their drug of choice. Today, women have the right to dress anyway they want to, making it essential to create new ways of finding power through weight. Weight is the greatest form of control a woman can have. My mother regardless of her perfect shape has felt the impact that one’s weight can have on the outside world. If you look up the word “weight” in a thesaurus, power is one of its synonyms (www.thesaurus.com). In today’s society, the thinner you are the better, creating the thought that weight conveys how much control women have over their bodies. In my story, the woman in the daisy

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