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WEIGHT W is wishful, Wal-Mart, whales. Skinny models adorn racks upon racks of space at the local Walmart. Wishful eyes buggin’ out like flies spotting left out meals. There ever perfect bodies fill me with a envy so powerful, i wonder if ive just become a giant green glob. Walmart is no place for somebody who hates their body. Temptations loom behind every corner, screaming for my attention. Tripping me up with guilty pleasure. Whale is for my big mass of a body. My idea of skinny, just a mere fantasy. Images of whales haunt my dreams at night, belly flops with dynamite water explosions scare me into hardly ever going into pools. My continuous battle with my weight keeps me up. E is for envy, eternity, and everything. Envy of girls who eat all the food in the world, yet never worry about the fears of obtaining muffin tops or pudgy mid sections. However i am destined to be enternerly fat. Eternally struggling to maintain the perfect balance between healthy and happy with my body. Eternally jealous of the girls who have the most eye catching bodies. Everything I do reminds me of the the fat resting unflattering on my stomach. Im never content enough with my body enough to look at myself in the mirror and feel happy. Every little thing is just another painful reminder. I is for intense, impacient, and impossible. I begin P90X, the most intense you can get. I sweat my butt off every morning just trying to reach my goal of healthy. But oh! Im impacient, I want results NOW. Drip, drip, drip. Even as the sweat pools in a puddle at my feet, I cant believe that my jumping jacks and and situps could be in vain. “This is impossible!” I scream into the plain bleach out wall, the only witness to my sorry attempt at a “get skinny” quick fad. How stupid was I too think that just one day of a workout would yield atomatic results. My little naïve self

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