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THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERAN AFFAIRS HEALTHCARE REFORM A proposal to provide personal administrative education Submitted by: Laura Heading Submitted to: Sloan D. Gibson Acting Secretary The Department of Veteran Affairs 300 Hamilton Ave White Plains, NY 10601 July 15, 2014 Prepared for: Writing for Business and Professions Professor Ferreira Abstract In this paper, it is proposed that The Department of Veteran Affairs administration and clinical staff understands the importance of improved healthcare. The Department of Veteran Affairs has failed in several critical areas to provide correct, dependable, and consistent information measuring the extent to which: veterans are receiving reasonable access to mental health care across the country, ensuring all veterans enrolled in VA's health care system are receiving the care they need; of maintaining the staffing it needs to care for the patients in need of quality care. The main focus should be on the health care of all individuals in need instead of trying to determine what needs immediate attention verses what can wait. There are many prominent issues that the VA has failed to overcome besides the waiting list. Of course the waiting list has bought much attention to the hospital, and this should of an opportunity for the VA to take advantage of getting help instead of just illuminating an issues that has been in existence for more then 20 years. In lieu of the waiting list the VA system of operation has been broken, and the approaches that have been taken to fix it have not helped. The author is proposing different solutions that will assist in fixing these lingering

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