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A round the world trip Motto:’’ The travel is for the young, a part of education, for the oldest - some experience.’’ Francis Bacon Have you ever noticed how beautiful the world is? There are so many places of interest, historical monuments and unknown areas that people can explore our planet endlessly. Some people tell that it is much more interesting to travel around the world; others believe that there is much to be seen in their own country. Both of these opinions make sense. I believe, therefore, that travelling abroad has more advantages. To start with, when you visit some foreign country, you learn its traditions and customs. You have a great chance to know more about the culture in this place. Nowadays globalization plays a great role in our life, and you can be a part of it by traveling abroad and meeting people from all over the world. Another good point in favour of travelling abroad is ability to improve your language skills. Learning a foreign language is always challenging without practise. When you are in a trip abroad, you meet native speakers who can help you to resolve the difficulties. However, some people argue that going abroad is expensive and exhausting. In particular, dealing with travel agencies, required papers and documents, long way to the destination – all these make them irritated. To conclude, the way I see it, travelling abroad is the best way to learn new things, discover new places and develop as a person. After all, as the say, ‘’ The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a

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