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Biology 101 Weezie the Worm By: Carlin McKenzie Introduction My lab team did an experiment on what worms like and dislike being around. A lot of different kinds of wet and dry substances were tested during this experiment like corn starch, dry milk, baking soda, ginger, sand, orange juice, molasses, veggie oil, vinegar, and water. Weezie was evaluated how he liked the substances by neutral, negative, and positive. Neutral being that he didn’t really mind being around it, but he also wasn’t going to close. Positive was when he would go close the substance. Negative was when Weezie would go far away from the substance. Weezie will like being around the sand and he will not mind being around the corn starch, dry milk, molasses, and the water. Although, Weezie will not like the baking soda, ginger, orange juice, and vinegar. Materials and Methods…show more content…
Next, Weezie was examined under the stereomicroscope. A large dissecting pan was placed on the table. Using the spatula a small amount of corn starch, ginger, dry milk, and baking soda was placed in each corner of the dissecting tray. Then Weezie was placed near the sand and he was observed. Then the same was done with each of the other substances. Weezie was washed off with water after the baking soda. Next, the tray was washed and dried. Then, using the spatula again a small amount of orange juice, molasses, veggie oil, and vinegar was placed in each corner of the dissecting tray. Weezie was placed near each substance again to be observed. After Weezie had touched the vinegar he had to be washed again. Then, the pan was washed and dried. Next, Weezie was observed near water. Then Weezie was placed back in to the

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