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Weekly Assignment: Search the internet for a website presenting information and examples on a specific concept covered during the week. a. Identify the concept presented in the chapter. (1 point) b. Search the internet for information on the topic selected. c. Identify the search method used to find the information and the website containing the information. (1 point) d. Provide a practical application (not a problem) using the concept researched. Explain in detail and show calculations on the use of the concept in the practical application. Coins, cards, balls, or dice problems are not acceptable. Explain in detail and show your calculations on your use of the concept in the practical application. (8 points) e. Submit the information (as a separate thread i.e. new message) on the discussion board item created for each Chapter. This assignment is only accepted when submitted to the discussion board. Students will not receive any credit if the submission is submitted any where else, i.e. email to instructor or posting in assignments. Students posting will not be available for others to read until after they have been reviewed and graded. Once submissions have been graded, students…show more content…
Dr. Jean Pilaria wanted to know the distribution of patients in a glaucoma study who wore glasses, contact lenses, or neither prior to going through a battery of eye exams. The doctor also wanted to find the associated probabilities. The doctor constructed a frequency distribution that showed 6 patients wore glasses, 4 wore contacts, and 10 wore neither. The professor was able to determine that the probability that a patient wears glasses was 6/20 = 3/10, the probability that a patient wears contacts was 4/20 = 1/5, and the probability that a patient wore neither was 10/20 =

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