Weekend of Rejuvenation Essay

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Mikayla Jenkins Cancelli English 111, Section 3 28 September 2012 Weekend of Rejuvenation It was the weekend they had both been waiting for and they counted down the days until it finally arrived. As mother and daughter, Viki and Gracie were not always on the same page, but when it came to getting away from their hectic lives they were definitely in sync and ready to leave. As a new high school graduate, Gracie was considerably close to her mother. No matter how close they were, there were still things Gracie hid from Viki. They were both hoping this weekend would change their relationship for the better. They were going on a mini vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The three hour drive was not that bad, as mother and daughter caught each other up on the past week’s events. They arrived at the house they were staying at, got out of the car, and took in the salty, cooling breeze coming from the nearby beaches. Billy and Delane were old friends who had generously opened their home up for the mother daughter pair. After some talk about their lives Delane commented to Gracie, “I bet you’re wondering where the best beaches are huh?” Gracie used her southern manners and replied with a “Yes ma’am.” Delane verbally gave directions to Viki about where the best beaches and places to eat were located. It did not take long for the girls to put their stuff in their room and head out to the beach. That afternoon Gracie and her mother reached the beach of their choice in about six minutes. It was not anything like the beach at home, but it was just as alluring. As soon as they reached the sand they took their sandals off and let their feet feel the familiar warmth of the sand, the grittiness but smooth feeling of walking barefoot as they made their way towards the water. They took in the sound of the waves breaking and crashing on the

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