Week Six Overseas Essay

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Running Head: Doing Business Overseas Doing Business Overseas MMPBL/501 January 23, 2011 University of Phoenix Introduction The cost of doing any type of business in any country is time and research. Steve the owner of Chicago Pizza wants to do business In Czech Republic; Steve would have to overcome some cultural differences, for example, a firm vigorous handshake before and after a meeting. With that said, the comparative advantages that Steve could use to his advantage are the majority of people speak a second language and a low labor cost. This is also part of the four dimension of Hofstede’s and they are power distance, uncertainly avoidance, individualism, and masculinity. This is a study of understanding the culture behavior as a measurement throughout the world. Overall, there are few barriers that Steve has to deal with but Czech is a member of the European Union. Since Steve speaks the language, that does mean a successful business because Chicago pizza will be considered a specialty pizza. Major Differences There are not many differences between US and Czech customs and each country believes early to bed, early to rise. The difference is that everything closes down early in Czech and in the US, everything is always on the move. A major difference in the US and Czech is the way they do business. Whenever a person in the US makes a business transaction, the deal is sealed. In Czech, when a business owner makes a business promise, the chance of that person backing out is high, “In the Czech Republic the probability that a merchant or other business contact will back out on his promise or cheat you is so much higher…” (Tanja, 2009). The way to combat this is to follow through and assure to his new business partner that his intentions are not deceitful but sincere. Another difference is that Czech likes a firm vigorous handshake before and

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