Week Six Assignment Essay

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Article chosen for topic of this assignment is Intimate Relationship Development During the Transition to Adulthood:Differences by Social Class from the series New Directions For Child And Adolescent Development. This article provides statistics and analyzes intimate relationship between young adults at diverse social class. Before going further it first proves by surveys that social class is a major factor that could decide whether young adults will start relationships that could commit to more or not. During and adolescent stage, it publishes a survey dividing social class into 5 different quintiles, and states 4 different categories or types of relationship: Special Romantic, Non-special, Sex only and None. Is notorious the incidence of intercourse and other intimate relationship at lower income level. In a separate chart, it demonstrates how individuals at a lower quintile will tend to engage in sexual activity at higher rates than those in higher quintiles. Please note that this research was made on adolescents, which is an stage previous to adulthood, but it states how those who are in the early stages of adulthood tend to engage in intimate relationships, such as cohabitation, parenthood, marriage and sexual activity. Further down it explains a need for further research in those minorities that have not been studied yet, such as those who are incarcerated, or those whose sexuality is either attraction by both genders or from the same sex. It also mentions individuals enlisted in the military whose behavior has not been studied, but that has a lot to do with regulations imposed by authorities and entities for which they dedicate specific time and effort during their lives specially during their young age. I chose this article because this explains early interference of external influences on relationships determined by the social class of individuals. I
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