Week One Experimental Research Essay

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Experimental Research The best defense against catching a cold or flu is to wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitizer. When conducting a random study they used four groups of participants. The participants were in a controlled group and there wasn’t any treatment necessary. They were required to do different experiments within each one of the groups. The study was conducted as follows. First the participants pressed their hands into a petri dish before washing or sanitizing, this was then reviewed to see what types of bacteria and viruses were on their hands. Within these groups the first group just washed hands without instruction, the second group washed with instruction from the CDC guidelines. The third group used a store brand sanitizer and the fourth group used a name brand sanitizer. After washing with soap without instruction, with instruction from the CDC guidelines and with store brand and name brand hand sanitizer they pressed their hands into a petri dish. After one day after incubation, the results were revealed. The results revealed the following. One person in the first group had more bacteria after hand washing. The reason for this is that hand washing actually releases bacteria. The group that followed the CDC guidelines got much better results and it didn’t matter whether they used hot or cold water. The groups using hand sanitizer reduced the number of bacteria and the results of the store brand and name brand were almost the same. Experts say that when you wash your hands you are releasing bacteria and you can end up with more bacteria if you only wash for a very short time. Experts said soap was the key. All soap by nature is anti-bacterial so it doesn’t matter what type or brand of soap that you use. Sanitizer did not work nearly as well as soap. Hand sanitizer works better on bacteria, but not on viruses. In this
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