Week 8 Checkpoint Essay

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Week Eight Checkpoint--- Evaluating Communication Strategies HSM/210 October 18,2011 Evaluating Communication Strategies You are working as a human service worker at a local United Way agency that serves several multicultural clients. In addition to the multicultural aspect, the agency also serves children, women, the elderly, and the homeless. Your manager has asked you to decide the best communication approach for each of these clients. Answer the following questions: What would you need to learn or know about each of your clients in order to communicate effectively with them? What strategies or techniques do you believe would be the best approach to take when communicating with each of these clients? How might you need to adapt your communication approach from one individual to the next? With a person working in the human services field, there are many different opportunities that they have a chance at. As well as each client that has their own personal needs different from the next person, and so special requirements are needed from people to do so. As for getting to communicate with clients in an effective way, always sitting down talking to them and getting to know the person is the best first start. If a person is to listen to their client that is the best way to understand them and their situation whatever they are in. When you are a listener, you can also give feedback on what was said during the conversation. Also take into consideration the emotional feels of someone. For to be a good listener a person must include: being self-confident, also not to be so aggressive with a person. A person has to be able to open up, and when you get them to, and understand their situation and the feelings that apply with, you can then take into consideration of giving positive feedback to a person and help them. A listener helps a person figure out new
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