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POLICING PRACTICES AND OPERATIONS PAPER Policing Practices and Operations Paper By: Freedom Esser CJA/ 394 Contemporary Issues and Futures in Criminal Justice University of Phoenix Professor Hollis Severns August 23, 2015 Introduction I will discuss relationship between traditional organizations their structures of the policing agencies, the communication patterns both within the outside of the policing agency, and the current trends in the approach to the policing functions. I would discuss the current and the present of the policing organizations, that is in almost all of our communities. How some of the current trends have changed in the past in order to provide safer communities. There are many different policing organizations currently and present in all the communities, that does helps in order to make sure our communities are safe. With some of these organizations there is our local police, state police, and the FBI. With these organizations they do play a dynamic role with the past, present, and future trends of policing in our country. They have the ability to adapt too many different changes, in the ways the communities can become involved and more technically advances does determine if the agencies can prepare for change. With police management and organization they have made changes tremendously over the past century. With the environment of policing have recognized many of the changes. With the changes that has come from the public opinion does differences with polices opinions, the newer technology developments, public, and private sector professional improvements, and with the newer types of infraction does decline. The police management modern methods does show emerged with two sources such as the policing from an aggressive views and management conceptions

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