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Week 7 Individual Assignment Essay

  • Submitted by: drobinson47
  • on September 7, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Running head: TEAM A PAPER       1

Team A Final Draft Paper
        Denni Robinson
                                      Interpersonal Communications

*Emotional intelligence is beneficial in the workplace for several and various reasons.
  One of the ways that I thought may be helpful to get started, is to discuss the many benefits of EQ (emotional intelligence).   For the most part, emotional intelligence is typically defined as a certain type of social competence.   This social competence gives us an ability to not only recognize and be aware of our own emotions, yet it also gives us the ability to guide though way in which we think and act.   This also helps us to be able to process what is going on with not only our own emotional issues, yet also in recognizing emotional issues that may be happening in others.   (Salovey, P., & Mayer, J.D., 1990)  
      I think the most apparent benefits for one's self is that EQ, when one is truly in touch with it, is basically involved by the following five categories.   There is self-awareness, managing emotions, motivating oneself, empathy, and handling relationships.
    These categories are also a benefit within the workplace.   EQ in the workplace can help one enhance leadership skills, improve relationships within the workplace, deal with conflict resolution, perform much better teamwork, and it also is huge in helping to improve communication.
    I have a very good example with regards to the benefits of emotional intelligence and this most definitely is a real life situation that took place in 1998 on one of my construction sites.   One thing I wanted to say be before I continue with this however, is that I was definitely born with a very empathetic heart.   As there can be times that this can cause you personal turmoil,

TEAM A PAPER       3
      especially when watching the suffering of someone that you dearly love,...

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