Week 6 Ilab BMI: Case Study

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Week 6 iLab BMI Tatyana Woodland Nutrition, Health, & Wellness 4/13/2014 Dr. Shoei Part 1 BMI is an abbreviation for body mass index which is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. The BMI is used to in a wide variety of contexts as a simple method to access an individual’s body weight departs from what is actually desirable or normal for a person of his or her height. There are eight different categories on the BMI chart. They consist of very severely underweight, severely underweight, underweight, normal (healthy weight), overweight, obese class one, obese class two, and obese class three. The BMI chart is set differently for children and is used to compare to other children’s height…show more content…
I am currently on a diet plan because I just recently had a baby. I have started this plan about two weeks ago and it has been effective for since I have lost six pounds. My plan consist of not consuming more than 2,000 calories a day and replacing one meal for a protein shake for breakfast every morning. For lunch, I may have a cup of fruit, Greek yogurt, and/or a plain turkey sandwich. For dinner, I mainly consume fish, maybe salmon but never fried, mixed vegetables, and boiled eggs. Sometimes I may switch it up and eat plain white rice with my fish or fruits. My diet for the next sixty days is very strict. After my workout and diet plan is complete, I will be more open to different foods but it will be moderated from now on. I want to only consume 2,000 calories a day or less because in order to gain a pound, it takes 3,500 calories, also this is the recommended amount for young women my age. As for my work out plan, I selected a program called the T25 and basically what I do is work out for twenty five minutes a day, hard core, Monday through Friday. Saturday I record my results and on Sunday I stretch. The work outs include a pack of eleven DVD’s with specified work outs for different days. Some include cardio, abs intervals, lower focus, total body circuit, and rip’t

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