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Kristen George GE357 Essay 1-Week One The Life of Historical Mamie Clark Interview Myself: “Hello Ms. Mamie Clark. My name is Kristen George and I am a nursing student at ITT and would like to interview you for my psychology course that I am taking. First, I would like to know about your life and work in the field of psychology if you could briefly describe that to me.” Mamie Clark: “Well, I was born on April 18th, 1917 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. My father was a doctor and my mother helped run his office. I began college as a physics and math major where I soon met my husband. I graduated in 1938 and worked in a law office where I witnessed the damaging effects of segregation. I soon started graduate school with two children on hand. I was then focusing mainly on the formation of racial identity and self-esteem. I got my Ph.D. from Columbia University where I was not only the only African American woman in the entire program, but I also became the second African American to earn a doctorate from Columbia where as my husband was the first. After graduating, the job opportunities were very difficult. I ended up taking a position as a research psychologist for the United States. While working, I realized how limited mental health services were for minority children so my husband and I founded the Northside Center for Child Development in the Harlem area. I served there until I retired in 1979.” Myself: “That is amazing. Could you tell me what were your major contributions to the field was?” Mamie Clark: “My biggest contribution to the field of psychology was playing an important role in the civil right movement. My husband and I demonstrated the concept of “separate but equal” providing a far from equal education for black youth. “ Myself: That is a huge contribution. Which psychological perspective or school of thought do your ideas most closely adhere to?”

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