Week 5 Individual Assignment Essay

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Week 5 Individual Assignment Jose Luis Alamilla BHS/311 July 11, 2012 Peter Petsas Week 5 Individual Assignment The model of helping I have developed from my past personal experiences is to help those who really are in need. Not those who pretend they are in need, but are showing no effort to improve their situation. I am talking about people who are actually trying to change their life by any means necessary. The individuals who have finally realized they have hit their own personal rock bottom and are ready to do let go of their turbulent past. Too many people want to change without having to give up their network of negative influential acquaintances or are afraid of being ridiculed by their former drug addicted peers for being sober. Well these are the only type of people I would not have a problem at all to help with anything they need. The people who are not willing to do the work are going to have to go through more drama in their life to finally wake up. Maybe my vision of helping is a bit harsh, but the only reason I can think of for my helping mentality being the way it is, could be because of my experience in corrections. I daily see inmates who continue to struggle within themselves to do the right thing or continue to do what landed them in prison, which is commit crimes with no conscious. There are a handful of inmates who are actually doing the things necessary to improve their life once they see the light of day outside the unforgiving prison walls. But the main reason for my model of helping I think, being the way it is, is because of my super busy schedule I currently have. I do not have time to waste on someone who is just going to waste my time, valuable non-returnable time I could be spending with friends and family. With that being said, there are some factors in my personal model of helping that can assist in making my model be more

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