Week 5 Assignment Essay

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Week 5 Assignment Cathy Bowden MAT126 (AFJ1207A) Instructor Larry Pace March 18, 2012 Week 5 Assignment When looking at product advertisements on television or paper ads or even listening to product advertisement’s on the radio, one has to wonder how much of the information given is really true. Many people who believe what they hear, just purchase the product while other need proof. According to the assignment, we are to choose two even examples of advertisements and discuss what types of misrepresentation or misuse have been demonstrated. “In many ads for weight loss products, under the product claims and in small print, the following claim is made: “These results are not typical.” What does this say about the product being advertised?” (Bluman, p.810). The reason the results are not typical is because each person loses weight differently. Everyone’s metabolism is not the same, each person loses weight differently and what might work for one person, may not work the same for another person. “These results are not typical” means that what you are not guaranteed is to lose the same amount of weight in the same amount of time as the person who is advertising the product. One must be skeptical when the advertisement states “These results are not typical” because you can pretty much guarantee yourself that you are throwing your money away. A person should go with products that say 100% guaranteed or your full money back if you are not satisfied. The next ad is for moisturizing lotion, “the following claim is made: “…it’s the #1 dermatologist recommended brand” (Bluman, p.810). What is misleading about the claim is that is does not tell you how many dermatologist recommend this particular type of moisturizing lotion because they use the word “dermatologist” to trick you. It

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