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Business Entities, Laws, and Regulation Paper Seane Banks BUS 415 June 18, 2012 Pierre A Kleff Jr Abstract This paper was to prepare an overview of crucial information regarding business analysis to help the decision for the further opportunities. Putting together investment you have to evaluate what would be the driving force for the opportunities for the success and also know the risks in different aspects. There are legal, social, economic, and demographical and also the impact of the infrastructure and technology around or involving job locations and operations. Information was gathered from several reliable and creditable places for this overview. A detailed and in dept analysis was done to establish or evaluate different business operations. Business Entities, Laws and Regulations Paper At the beginning of this paper one will find decision about potential ventures was made based on potential outcome of each proposed business. In second part of the project information regarding decision about construction scenario, evaluation of each proposed candidate, and explanation of why proposed employees are selected for the particular job. Restaurant/Bar Scenario As per scenario, Lou and Jose plan to open sports bar and restaurant. Miriam is a wealthy investor who offered capital to Lou and Jose and in return would like a percentage of the ownership. Business Entity, Control, Taxation and Liability The most appropriate entity for Lou, Jose, and Miriam is the partnership firm. Miriam will be investor partner while Lou and Jose will take care of managing the sports bar and restaurant for profit therefore they will be managing partners. To form a partnership four criteria must be fulfilled: partnership must have two or more persons; the

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