Week 5 Essay

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Kelly Mesa “Handling an Irate Customer at Regal Florist” 1. Yes, I do feel that Mr. Boyle should take Regal’s past performance into consideration. They have delivered flowers for him personally and professionally for many years and have never made this mistake before. This was clearly a mistake and was not intended to cause any problems for him. 2. The listening skills I would have used for this situation would have been stop talking first and then I would have patiently listened for concepts. This is a pretty serious situation for this customer and for your company so you need to just let him get his problem out and not talk while he is telling you. In a very serious situation you need to just listen and pay attention to what the customer says so you don’t make them more irate than they are. 3. If I was in this situation I would offer to send his wife an arrangement free of charge. He is a repeat customer and has been for many years. If you lose Mr. Boyle as a customer then you have a chance of someone spreading bad word of mouth advertisement about your company. Word of mouth advertisement is not good for a company. Also, I feel that a long lime loyal customer is much more valuable than a five new customers who may leave you at anytime for a competitor that is cheaper. 4. If I was Mr. Boyle in this situation I would have been furious. I would have expected the company to reimburse my last purchase that they messed up on and would want a free arrangement in the future. I know that mistakes do happen, but the company that makes the mistake should be willing to take a small loss to fix the mistakes they make. In the business world you need to be able to spend money to make money and this would be one of those times to spend the money to keep future money coming in. 5. If you just remind the customer of all the years they have

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