Week 4 Assignment Essay

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Case Study: 1 William William presents as a healthy 6-year old boy who since the beginning of the school year has been terrorizing his classmates. William’s behaviors towards his classmates have included pushing, kicking, hitting, and biting, with these behaviors usually displayed during recess time. William’s aggressive behaviors towards other children during recess may be described as bullying behaviors. A bully is seen as an individual who consistently uses force, threatens or manipulates others to get what he or she wants from them over a period of time (Coloroso, 2003). If Bullying is the true underlying reason for Williams’s aggressive behaviors, he has learned that by bullying, he can feel important and powerful at the expense of others. This in turn encourages him to continuously be aggressive towards his peers during recess. Conducting a functional assessment of a problem behavior is the first step in developing a treatment for the problem. The functional assessment helps you to identify the antecedents that evoke the behavior and the reinforcing consequence that maintains the behavior. (Miltenberger 260) William’s behavior is not uncommon, as bullying has become a serious and ongoing problem among peers. This however does not mean that his behavior should not be properly and thoroughly addressed to correctly identify and correct his negative behaviors. Nor should it be determined that his behaviors are acts of bullying without proper assessment and consideration of other factors that could influence his behavior, to compile a better picture of the cause of William’s behavior it is important to complete an accurate behavioral assessment. Since William’s behaviors can be the result of several factors that should be considered prior to implementing a behavior modification program. Direct assessment and indirect

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