Week 3 Team Paper

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JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR GRADUATES FROM ONLINE UNIVERSITIES VERSUS TRADISIONAL COLLGES Team B University of Phoenix RES/341 July 7, 2012 WALTER DECKERT, JR. Literature Review The peer-reviewed article EXPECTATIONS OF ADULT GRADUATE STUDENTS IN AN ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAM is a study on the expectations of adult graduates of online degree programs at a university in the mid-South United States. Students were invited to an e-Focus group for this study. An online message board was used to conduct this study. This article is important to our research because it highlights the expectations of online students [3]. Online Accounting Degrees research article is a report on Wall Street Journal’s note that online degree enrollment of higher learning is skyrocketing which poses the same questions that our research is trying to answer. Will an online degree successfully lead to a career? What factors indicate a quality online program? [2]. DeVry University Graduate Employment Statistics article shows statistics on the rate of their online graduates employed for year 2010. The statistics in this article can be used to compare against brick and mortar school statistic on graduate employment [1]. Employment Statistics Report. 1995 Graduate Employment Survey article is a study on Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology graduates in 1995. The study shows how many of their brick and mortar school’s graduates were employed after graduation. It is important to our study because this study can be compared to the statistics of DeVry’s statistics on their online graduates [4]. References 1. http://www.devry.edu/assets/pdf/career-services/us-combined-graduates-employment-statistics.pdf 2.

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