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In computer science, a communications protocol is a system of digital rules for message exchange within or between computers. Communicating systems use well defined formats for exchanging message. With every message there is an exact meaning that has an intention to bring out a certain reaction to the receiver. A protocol must describe the syntax, semantics and the synchronization of communication. Think that a communication protocol is like a Standard of Operations Manual (SOP). The Standard of Operations Manual (SOP) will keep everything organized. Everything will be described in detail on how everything works; otherwise, if there is no Standard of Operations Manual (SOP) everything would become mixed up and would not operate correctly. So, if there was a network that was incorrectly set up or installed, the computers on the network will not be able to communication with one another. Once the network has been fixed, all of the computers on the network will be able to transfer and communicate information back and forth. That’s why a communication protocol is very important. Traffic analysis is defined as the process of gathering information from the features of communication traffic other than its contents, such as timing and size. Traffic analysis can be utilized on any type of network. When using traffic analysis, this process reveals the amount, type, origin and destination of the traffic flow on a network. This process is used when there is an infected computer presumed in the network. Also, the process can identify which computer is downloading something that is legal or potentially illegal. If for some reason that there is an infected computer, traffic analysis could expose which computer(s) that are infected on the network. Using traffic analysis could also identify the amount of bandwidth that each computer(s) on the network are

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