Week 3 Cmgt 445 Managerial Issues

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Individual Paper: Managerial Issues There are several issues associated with managing a company's information systems, the aimse of this paper is to discuss these issues. There are five main challenges that information systems pose for companys. These issues are decreasing space, increasing obsolescence, increasing storage, expanding Consumption, and changing demand. Modern companies face these challenges daily and these challenges must be overcome in order to continue to innovate and succeed as a business. The world in which we live in is an ever changing one, and the pace at which it changes is a challenge in itself. Add in the the pace of which technology changes and modern companies face some difficult challenges to remain relevant. Any organization that refuses to keep pace with these changes can surely expect to be left behind by the competition. Consumers today expect the latest and greatest in the products and services they buy. If the company they want to buy these from cannot deliver and continuously deliver then they will lose the consumer's business. Besides consumer expectations, these companies must also contend with competition from other companies. It has pretty much become an unwritten rule that organizations will upgrade to new technology as fast as possible. This is partly driven by the competitive need to stay ahead or catch up with other companies in their field. Consumers have no problem placing their loyalty with the most modern technologically organization. For managers with an information systems infrastructure, they must be able to face the challenges above in order for their company to remain successful. Another challenge is that a major component of information systems is continuously becoming obsolete. Hardware lifespan is never long enough to be considered full proof. Also, as the hardware breaks or

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