Week 3 Case Study

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Alex Brown Case Study Week 3 Prof. Paschke July 29, 2013 Case Study Based on the case, the team seems to be in the performing stage, while Mike seems to be stuck in the storming stage. He intentionally excludes himself from meetings; he does not have a place in the group while the others have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and he doesn’t seem to really have a focus on what he does do and relies on Christine to do his work. He is skeptical of the group’s invitations to join them and does not seem to interact with them whatsoever. Understanding the different stages of team building would have helped Christine in this situation immensely. She would be able to better understand where the rift in the team came from, and she would be able to address the problem with more conviction if she knew where her team stood. Key Problems Assuming that a list of rules and regulations were not set forth at the beginning, she might need to go back and address this issue of not turning in work with the whole group, also from the reading it can be assumed that there were no regularly scheduled meetings, giving even less structure to the team. In the performing stage and possessing no doctrine to consult, she is left with the inability to solve the problem quickly. The secondary problem is the lack of communication that seems to have existed from the beginning. The group does not meet regularly, and when they do meet all members are not present generally. The lack of proper communication channels has resulted in missing work from one of the seemingly busiest members. I Potential Solutions The solution that works best for this team will be in two parts. They are technically in the performing stage at this point, however with the project due in a short period of time they need to quickly come up with a way for each member to be held

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