Week 3 Assignment Ethics and Social Responsibility Eth/316

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Week 3 Assignment Ethics and Social Responsibility ETH/316 In every organization there is a critical need to address organizational issues. Virtually all aspects affecting trust, cooperation and principles that have an effect are influenced greatly by organizational processes. The organization influences the selection of employees, thereby limiting the number of alternatives. The ways in which an organization functions and is managed may have intended and unintended effects on organizational issues. Important Issues The natural and mental order in our mind is the important set of shared opinions and understandings about how we understand things. We understand what is to be accepted and convincing, in order to be guided in what we do and believe. In trying to clarify a situation, not all of our thoughts are aimed at our need to accept what is before us, thereby sometimes seeing the reality of a situation. The issues in the film show important forms in response to problems that confront every organization based on behavioral science, research and theory. The issues seem to rely on details from several theories: motivational, personality, learning, group, team dynamics, and others. The process appears to show what is comprised of actions taken to improve effectiveness and individual happiness. Several processes included (but not limited too) the following: - Creating self- directed change where individuals can be committed. - Making changes. - Solving immediate and possible future problems. - Actively research for solutions to problems. - New designs or theories. External Social Pressures and Influence In regards to the role of external social pressures in organizational ethics, it seems there is a despotic approach to managing people. It is perceived that individuals are not willing to put forth a large effort, there is no ambition. On
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