Week 3 Assignment Essay

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Operant conditioning is a learning method that displays effects of the consequences of a certain behavior in the future of occurence of that behavior. Observational learning (also known as social learning theory), occurs when the observing party's behavior changes after witnessing the behavior of a model. In the workplace, operant condition can increase productivity and boost overall company morale. This can be achieved by implementing positive reinforcement by way of verbal praise or pay increases. Prejuidice is developed from classical and operant conditiong because of what the individual has experienced during life. The experiences have lead them to believe certain things about a certain group of people. For example, someone has moved to an area with lots of latin-american people. They have never lived anywhere previosly with many latin-americans. Their experience has been that if the person speaks with an accent, that they cannot speak English. Of course just because a latin-american speaks with an accent, does not mean that they do not speak English. But the individuals experience in life has been different, so they may assume that they cannot. In my presentation of the new software, I would definitely use my visual memory. I would have perhaps created some visual aids beforehand that would best describe my software. I would then use those images in my meory and impliment them in my presentation. This would also include some writting of some of the main points that i would want to make during the presentation. I would use association techniques to establish the flow of what I want to say in the order I want to say it in. I would remember key words that would help me bring me next point. 1. Self-regulation: The ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods, and the propensity to suspend judgment and to think before acting. Hallmarks

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