Week 3 Assignment Essay

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Can We Talk? Researcher Talks about the Role of Communication in Marriages Name COM200 Instructor Date After reading this weeks assignment I have noticed some anomalies in my life. I plan on discussing what some of these are and how the passage from this week’s assignment can help me. Also I plan on discussing the outcome of the possible results. I can relate to this article of having self-disclosure in my relationship that I am currently in. My wife and I have fallen into having the constant routine of everyday life. We have pushed our relationship to the “back burner” as the passage has depicted. We our caught up in our own lives so much that we really pay attention to each others needs or wants. I believe that it is important to understand what each others needs and wants are in our own relationships. We have to be able to communicate with each other and know what we each like. If we keep our thoughts to ourselves and don’t discuss our feelings with our partner, we can have serious problems and possible lead to divorce. I agree with the passage that gender does play a very important role in our communication process. My wife is very verbal when she wants to express how she feels and I would rather give gifts and show my affection. I believe that our different qualities of showing our affection also are some of what we share. My wife enjoys getting gifts as long as I still talk to her and express my feelings. After reading the text I realized that I do belong in the generalization. I do belong in the generalization because I would rather receive gifts than to tell an individual how I feel. I believe that everything about the whole text is very accurate. Many individuals do not communicate the way that should. With practice, many individual can correct their communication

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