Week 3 Assignment 2 Assignment 1: Context of Problem Essay

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• RES 513 Week 3 Assignment 2 Assignment 1: Context of Problem Dr. Moghimi Research and Strategic Communication Context of Problem Does the expression of positive emotions used in the context of a sales crew of a telemarketing company help increase sales numbers and or total volume dollar of sales? And which approach will drive success to a telemarketing sales organization? The history behind this question lies in my own personal experiences and since I have often wondered which sales approach will lead to higher number of sales and or higher dollar amount of sales. And whether or not I should change my sales approach to 1) either have more positive emotions in the sales pitch or 2) simply keep the sales pitch mono tone and unemotional. Also, which approach leads to higher number of sales and or larger dollar amount of total sales? The purpose of this research project is to answer these questions and to make a determination and hypothesis. There are many other questions to which my research will be directed. One question that comes to mind is whether lowering the price of the product of service to the lowest price possible at the onset of the sales process is better than coming out with a higher price and negotiating a lower price as the sales pitch progresses. Many of the people I work with including the sales managers for whom I work, constantly tell sales people on the sales floor to “hold your value” in other words telling you to start high with the price and then you have room to come down. But on the other hand it may be better in turn to start with the bottom dollar price and work with simple economics. Does the law of supply and demand hold true: if the price of something is lower naturally you would think there would be
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