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Week 3 Essay

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Consider this scenario: You were in a minor car accident. No one was hurt, but you are nonetheless a little rattled. How would you communicate your situation to family, friends, and classmates? What would be different if you had to communicate the situation to the insurance company?
Write a message of 100 to 200 words either to your family, friends, or classmates.

OMG dude!   I got in a car accident today. I am really freaking out and pissed I hate accidents. You know how the traffic is awful in the morning on the hwy.I was on my way to work on the 202 and when I was merging onto Hwy 51 the car behind me didn’t see me slow down and ended up rear ending me. The car doesn’t look any good now, the rear bumper is pretty dented. We had to stop over the ramp and exchange info, no one was hurt Thank god but we called the cops and filled a report for the insurance company. I am really not happy about it but I guess it happened, hopefully insurance will take can of it and my car gets fixed ASAP. Gotta go now I am already late to work and don’t want to be in trouble with my boss over it, I’ll catch you later.

Write a formal letter of 100 to 200 words to the insurance company. Use salutations and sign-offs where appropriate.

Suzy jones
Geico Auto insurance
2564 Insurance Road
Los Angeles, CA 95134

Dear Ms., Jones,

On January 27th, 2013, I was involved in a car accident, my 2010 hyundai sonata was rear ended and has incurred damage to the rear bumper.

While I was driving on highway 202 heading west and upon merging to highway 51, the car driving behind me rear ended my vehicle. Both of us drivers pulled over to the emergency lane on the ramp and exchanged contact and insurance information.

After inspecting the other driver’s vehicle we could not see any damage to his car but my rear bumper is really dented and scratched following the accident.
We have promptly contacted the police, who upon arrival issued a report with details about the accident...

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