Week 2 Individual Assignment Essay

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………………. Managerial Issues Week Two Individual Assignment By: Lee Savage For: CMGT/445 – Application Implementation Instructor: Stephen Trask Campus: ONLINE MAIN Group ID: BSEG1FRAL9 Today’s modern technology and the quickness with which change and innovation occurs, demands a newer management style that anticipates this change. This change can happen every couple of years or sometimes even sooner. There are both Hardware and Software changes that take place. Companies must anticipate this change and plan for it. The infrastructure is made up of hardware, software, human resources, facilities, data and knowledge, communication and collaboration, and services. The top five challenges facing management: 1. Building a responsive IT infrastructure. 2. Facilitating and Managing Business Process Re-Design. 3. Developing and Managing Distributed Systems. 4. Developing and Implementing Information Architecture. 5. Planning and Managing Communication Networks Building a responsive IT infrastructure involves having an adaptive system able to cope with the changes of the end user, as well as the technological advances in technology. Newer technology comes with specific software compatibility issues as well as end user training and capabilities for using it. Knowledge is a fundamental necessity in the end user. Knowledge and skills gained over time can enable these users to become an asset to the business. Facilitating and managing business process re-design involves the business’ ability to conform to necessary changes in the infrastructure or network to adapt to the changing needs of the company or business. Changing the design or implementation of the network to match changes in design and overall business goals is sometimes necessary for the business to thrive. Developing and managing distributed systems enables the
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