Week 2 Assignment 2 Essay

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Article Analysis Veronica Pirtle South University PSY 2022 HUMAN Growth and Development August 19, 2014 What is LIFE-SPAN DEVELOPMENT? Physical Development in Infancy is defined as the following: Development is a progressive process that begins from right at birth. According to Santrock’s book, in the physical development infancy perspective, there are four principles like the cephalocaudal, proximodistal, the principle of hierarchical integration and the independent systems. The writer goes on to explain the interconnections of the brain and how the infant develops with the neurons as the basic center of growth. The brain is explained to be a very vulnerable part at this age and the shaken baby syndrome can easily occur if the baby is mishandled. The environmental effects and some factors like sleep that might affect the development are also tackled up to the formation and development of the senses. Cognitive Development in Infancy is defined as the following: In the cognitive development, which involves the ways of perception and how the infant views the world, there are some levels of development where the sensorimotor is explained up to the monthly developments and how the same occurs gradually as the infant develops. The following stages include the preoperational, concrete and formal operations. The assimilation and accommodations scheme are used to explain the development of the infant up to the language, vocabulary and the intelligence development as it occurs in a child. Socio-emotional Development in Infancy is defined as the following: The socio-emotional process, according to Santrock, develops from a childhood stage and the responses as regards simple feelings of touch. The process is seen to be progressive with the child communicating through various types of cries, then the temperamental aspect in view of the activity, emotionality and

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