Week 1 Telecommunications Timeline Essay

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Week 1 Assignment Telecommunications Evolution Time-line MARVIN SORTOR NTC/362 Dorein Pfeil The beginning of the telecommunication industry started with a dream and some determination on a man named Alexander Graham Bell. In 1867 Bell invented the telephone the first hard-lined device. As the years went on other inventors tried to duplicate the wonders of the telephone communications device. In 1899 the name of Bell Telephone Company changed to American Telephone and Telegraph or (AT&T) as we know it today. The year 1934 marked a highlight in telecommunication history by inventing the first government agency to monitor the safety and the security of the telecommunication world called the Federal Communications Commission or the (FCC). 1939 The Golden Gate Exposition (San Francisco) and New York Worlds Fair are opened. These exhibit the newest technologies, including the Voder (synthesized speech) and television. FM is used by Bell Laboratories in a radio altimeter that uses signal reflections from the surface of the earth. 1940 (June 24) Television transmitted over coaxial cable from Convention Hall in Philadelphia to television studio in Radio City, New York. What took the world weeks to relay a message is now capable of being done in mere seconds as the invention of the world wide web in 1992 to the fastest supercomputer in the world today old technologies do not just simply fade away but is reinvented to be made better and as time goes on the world will continue to see the techno change year after year and decade after decade it will simply keep growing and becoming a more supernatural force that takes information and zips it
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