Week 1 Ntc405

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Week 1 Individual Assignment NTC/405 * * What widely used networking protocols support or make possible video calls also known as video teleconferencing? What role does each protocol play in the video call process? Include basic connectivity roles. * Standard voice and video protocols used on VTC systems today are the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), H.320, and H.323. What role does each protocol play in the video call process? SIP-is an application level signaling protocol for terminating, setting up, and modifying real-time video/audio sessions between participants over an IP data network. H.320-It is used for narrow-band visual telephone systems and terminal equipment with specified technical requirements. H.323-Is the standard that addresses bandwidth, multimedia transport and control, call signaling and control or multi-point and point-to-point video/audio teleconferences. Video Teleconferencing (VTC) is a communication technology that allows people located at two or more different locations to visually see and talk face-to-face meeting from thousands of miles apart, these systems can transmit bi-directional video, data streams and audio during the session. Coder/Decoders or CODECs is software/hardware devices that execute the compression of signals. The CODEC is used to convert the signal stream between digital formats and analog formats. What is a troubleshooting model? A troubleshooting model are the steps that you would take to resolve one or more issues. Some of the different ways you could use to troubleshoot an issue could include: -Identify the problem that is happening -Try to create a theory to help determine a cause -Test the theories that were developed -Establish an action plan to quickly resolve the issue -Implement the action plan -Verify and test the system to make sure it is

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