Week 1 Activities Essay

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Activity 1 1. Classroom Style Round or Banquet Style Theatre Style 2. One must consider the requirements of the conference needed. These will include the purpose, the required outcomes and style of the conference. To confirm the purpose, he must select a planning team wherein he can delegate tasks to each member to make sure the conference meet its goals. This planning team will: confirm the type of conference, interpret the conference brief, make a planning timetable, develop a conference management plan and, confirm the budget. The team must ask and answer the following 5-W questions as well: For whom is the conference being held? What kind of conference will it be? When will it be held and for how long? Where will/should it be held? Why is it being held? What is the purpose, aim and desired result? Activity 2 1. Real Cost of: a. Catering Real cost of catering= (catering cost per person) x (number of attendees) Real cost of catering=$8 x 480 Real cost of catering=$3,480.00 b. Sample bags Real cost of sample bags = (sample bag cost/person) x (number of attendees) Real cost of sample bags =$15 x 480 Real cost of sample bags=$7,200.00 2. Real Total Variable Cost Real total variable cost= (real cost of catering)+(real cost of sample bags) Real total variable cost=$3,840.00+$7,200.00 Real total variable cost=$11,040.00 3. Break-even Cost Break-even cost= Total Projected Costs-Guaranteed Income Break-even cost= (Projected Fixed Costs+Projected Variable Costs) ( Sponsorship+Organisation^' s Contribution) Break-even cost ($ 6,550+13,800)-( $1,500+$4,500) Break-even cost=$20,350.00-$6,000.00 Break-even cost=$14,350.00 4. Price per ticket for break-even cost a. 600 people to attend Price per ticket for break-even= (Break-even cost)
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