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THE STRATEGIC LENS ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR A STRATEGIC APPROACH ORGANIZATIONAL DIVERSITY ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR A GLOBAL CONTEXT INDIVIDUAL PROCESSES LEARNING AND PERCEPTION PERSONALITY, INTELLIGENCE, ATTITUDES, AND EMOTIONS WORK MOTIVATION STRESS AND WELL-BEING GROUPS, TEAMS, AND SOCIAL PROCESSES LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION DECISION MAKING BY INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS GROUPS AND TEAMS CONFLICT, NEGOTIATION, POWER, AND POLITICS THE ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXT ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE AND CULTURE ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT PART 1 the strategic lens This book describes the rich and important concepts that make up the field of organizational behavior. We have based the book on cutting-edge research as well as current practices in organizations. Beyond this, the book is unique in presenting these concepts through a strategic lens. That is, in each chapter, we explain the strategic importance of the primary concepts presented in the chapter. Our discussions emphasize how managers can use knowledge of these concepts to improve organizational performance. In Part I, we develop and explain the strategic lens for organizational behavior. To begin, we describe in Chapter 1 the concept of competitive advantage and how behavior in an organization affects the organization’s ability to effectively in order to gain a competitive advantage. This chapter explains how these outcomes can be achieved. Chapter 3 discusses managing organizations in a global environment. International markets offer more opportunities but also are likely to present greater challenges than domestic markets. Understanding the complexities of managing in international markets is a necessity. It is especially important to understand how to manage diverse cultures and operations in varying types of institutional environments. The three chapters of Part I provide the setting for

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