Weed and I Essay

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It is very common as you walk through the halls of any high school in America to hear people talking about Marijuana. Not only can you see teens smoking marijuana in school you also see them buying and selling the narcotics. This has become much more common in recent years. But why is marijuana so popular amongst teens? When I think of parties in high school I associate many things with the people at the parties, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, I just as easily see people smoking marijuana. Why is an illegal drug just at popular as legal drugs such as alcohol? Why do these kids need to get high to have a good time? There has to be a reason why teens need to light up to enjoy themselves, and I am using this essay to explain the growing popularity of marijuana. There are statistics showing a dramatic increase in the consumption of marijuana, statistics tell the truth. I chose this topic because many of my friends smoke marijuana; I am not one of them so I do not know the effects of this drug on a person. And I wanted to know what affect marijuana has on teens and why so many teens find it necessary to get high on the weekends. I felt that if I did my research on this aspect of Teenage subculture I would have a better understanding of my friends that choose to smoke weed on the weekends and would be able to see how they compare and contrast to people like myself, who do not smoke weed. I expected that I would have a hard time finding information on this topic and I was correct. Most teenage drug articles talked about more serious drugs such as crystal meth and cocaine. I feel that many people don't agree with the fact that marijuana is a drug because it is so common in this day and age, but I tend to disagree with that assumption. This research taught me to look into a new direction for this marijuana problem, the

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