Weed Essay

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The total death rate associated with marijuana is significantly lower than those for tobacco-cigarette smoking and why tobacco cigarette aren’t ban .they’re positive things about marijuana. The medical field have find that there are many marijuana uses that is beneficial to many victims diagnose with HIV, cancer and many more lethal disease but they’re many other method other than the use of marijuana. The other methods of reducing intense pain from those deadly diseases have many sign effect to the body which the patient don’t want to have during the remaining time they have left. Many patients today refuse medical treatment that may save or lengthen their life, out of a desire to avoid the unpleasant side effects with the treatment. In recent years it has been discovered that the use of Marijuana help several symptoms with cancer and AIDS and other life taking diseases treatments and disorders. The patients are currently forced to choose between the one that break the law with the side effect of increasing in happiness the bad sign side effect are increase chance of lung cancer short term memory loss when your under the influence or suffering the other method may cost many sign effect like feeling fragile, insomnia, rash, depress increases chance of heart attack rather than breaking the law. The conditions of AIDS and cancer are life threatening and many are not going to survive its attack so what would you rather do? Medicinal marijuana should be legalized so that those who already suffer the deadly of disease will not also be forced to suffer treatment symptoms that are easily treat by medical marijuana. It is interesting that during the current history the use of marijuana is even up for debated for how many benefited effect it have on the patient. For many years in the pass it was an acceptable treatment for the many disease and different disorders. In

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