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Wedding Toast Essay

  • Submitted by: fanfanfan4444
  • on November 30, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Name: Fan
Special Occasion Communication
Hi, everybody.   My name is Fan, and I am the maid of honor today. I want to thank Lulu for asking me to be her maid of honor.   Actually, I would never speak to her again if she didn’t.   Today, I would like you know more about the bride, Lulu, how the bride and   the groom met, and some intresting things that happened in our friendship.
Lulu and I have been friends for over seven years now.   After high school, we both came to the U.S. but live in different states.   We manage to meet up and go to vacations twice a year, and we talk and talk and talk and talk and talk every day.   Lulu is my best friend and I can say that I have always been her #1 as well.
Well, until Jackie showed up. See, I was friend with Jackie first.   And Lulu went to watch a Karaoke competition with me and spotted Jackie.   She nagged me for days and even tempted me with her delicious homemade cakes.   By the way, Lulu bakes the best cakes.   So finally I agreed to introduce the two of them.  
Of course we started to hangout together.   We went to Six Flags one time, and I got so sick that could hardly walk.   And being my best friend, Lulu kindly asked if I would be ok.   After I said “No, I think I’m gonna throw up”, Lulu pointed me the direction of the restroom and left with Jackie onto the next ride.   It was a rough start for me but they didn’t have a smooth ride either.   Like all the other couples, they argue and fight but can always make up.
I have heard a saying before, “Don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can’t live without.”   And I think Lulu and Jackie have found that individual.   I would like to propose a toast for them and with them a very happy ever after.

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