Wedding Tarditions in Your Country

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Wedding tarditions in your country Traditions, there are differences between the villages. I don't know good villages traditions. The best practice would be to tell my wedding. I married in August 2012 and I remember everything. Wedding traditions before speaking I need to tell two things: Girl search and betrothal – engagement. Two young after loving each other going girl search. Both sides tell their family situation. We ask for our region is usually goes search girl his mother and father. In some villages makes this work the older relatives. Certainly they are given news, and the girl's family waits for the guests. Tradition going on Monday or Thursday night. Person to search girl first ask water to go work with flowing water. After a brief conversation, guest man open the issue ask girl. The man returns to girl's father and the man's daughter wants his own family. Normally meanwhile say a few nice words for man and her praises all the time. Normally not gived girl in the first search. Her parents want time to think about. Collects information about for man from the relatives. A few days later, we get to guests. She loves men gives her family and determined engagement date. Engagement gifts get expenses girls, boys and their families together. ( I did it ). The man get chooses girl’s from clothes and takes. Engenemen been in certain date. Engagement ceremony is different from village to village. Best precisely to tell way what I did. Families gathering in the girl's home. Boy and girl exiting in the garden and rings worn on the finger. Rings are brought in plates connected

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