Wedding Planning Essay

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Wedding planning is one of the most difficulty and fun thing to do. Planning is making a schedule or arranging things in order that makes the job easier. Any job needs careful planning which is the first step towards achieving the goal. Before execution, planning the job helps to do it in an organized manner without causing any confusion. The planners have to get there date, time, location; theme, cakery, photograph and music. “A good plan is like a road map, it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there” said Stanley Judd. Most people offer tips for ecological wedding ideas in the U.S. It suggests wedding planners to use local vendors’ cuts down and purchase food from farmers' markets. They are advised to buy flower arrangements in their season to get them fresh. They are also recommended to plant their centerpieces such as peace lilies which are easily grown. As for the time frame ever thing have to be in order and on time. If it not right by the time frame everything will just go wrong. Therefore; the when planning got to know date and location; the bride might want an outside wedding. So they will be able to check the weather or if someone else has some going on at that day. Then how big or small will they like the place for their guest. If so the wedding planner will let the couple know at the head of time and change their location. A theme of someone wedding is very important to the bride. A wedding theme can incorporate your personality into a wedding, and a theme can be worked into almost every aspect of your wedding. That is what bring it out it depends on how it is done. The themes can be a great way to transform your wedding into a truly unique affair. Can draw from almost any inspiration and incorporate it into a wedding theme. Build a wedding theme from any season. The great thing about these common themes is that you can

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