Wedding Pictures in China Essay

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LSE & PKU Summer School MG301 Demystifying China Wedding Pictures in China: Possible Opportunity for a German entrepreneur Since I arrived in China there was one phenomenon which confused and at the same time interested me the most: Wedding Pictures. I observed this the very first time while I was visiting Qingdao’s beach. Multiple couples in their wedding dresses were posing in front of a camera. Coming from a culture where wedding pictures are shot at the day of the wedding, I was a little bit confused. So I asked my Chinese friend why there are so many couples getting married. She explained me that those are engaged, creating their wedding photo album. Ever since I observed many more couples doing wedding pictures. Now I ask myself whether a German photographer would have chance to succeed on this market in China. As a photographer the first thing you should be aware of when coming to China is, that the purpose of wedding pictures are totally different than in Germany. Even though both cultures state, that they want to capture memories, this is not the only reason in China. First of all in China the wedding pictures are taken few months or even years before the actual wedding. However in Germany the wedding picture get shot on the actual day of the wedding between the ceremony and the reception. There will be several pictures taken of the newlyweds, with their family and even with their friends. The most beautiful picture will be used on a card to thank all those who send their congratulations to the couple. Sometimes it also get enlarged and hung in the living room. This differs from a Chinese wedding, at which the guests already receive a photo album full of wedding pictures at the wedding itself. Moreover the nicest picture will also be enlarged and used as decoration at the wedding. The best picture will end up in the bed room of the

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