Wedding Diversity Essay

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Wedding Diversity Weddings are always filled with excitement and joy. Most weddings take so much time to plan out and organize. American Brides usually wear a beautiful white gown while Pakistani Brides always wear red gowns, it’s all tradition. Pakistani and American weddings both have their own similarities but both wedding are also very different in their own ways from music/dance, settings, food, ceremonies, and culture. Organizing weddings takes up to months and years, Pakistani weddings usually can’t take place without the consent of both parents and sometimes even the eldest in the family out of respect. In today’s day Pakistanis usually don’t have arranged marriages but they still have a lot to do with the family’s consent, the groom’s side has to go talk to the bride’s parents before they take any step towards their wedding. American weddings are never arranged and both man and women speak to each other before their families. Their families also get to know each other while the wedding is being planned. Traditionally American weddings take place in a church, family and friends are formally invited and they have bridesmaids, flower girls, and a ring bearer. The bride and the groom always have a dance too after they have said their vows. Pakistani weddings have two sides, first there’s a religious ceremony at a mosque where there’s a mullah who reads them their vows and there can’t be any music at this part of the wedding because this part is like a Islamic ceremony where the bride and groom make a promise in front of God. After the religious part is over the other part of the wedding usually takes place a week after where they can dance and enjoy. Family and friends play a big role in both weddings; they are the most important part of the wedding. Both weddings would be incomplete without loved ones. American wedding give importance to their

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