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Prototype for Redesign: Kudler Fine Foods WEB240/ Web Design Fundamentals Instructor: Jesse Mcelroy Learning Team C Learning Team C has reviewed Kudler Fine Foods website, this site has elegance and streamlined colors and graphic slide show, however the site had a few issues that could potentially be a turn off towards current and future customers. Heavy graphics to their site could be hard for the customer to navigate, and access content within the site. Another problem our team noticed was there was no online capability for online ordering. Learning team C recommends that the site be streamlined with simple fonts, graphics, and the capability for online service. Kudler Fine Foods main objective is to supply an atmosphere responsive to the customers by means of morals and the finest originality to make sure they keep usual consumers and new prospects. These types of consumers need superior service and a pleasurable setting in which they strive to meet their necessities and shopping desires. Kudler Fine Foods offers preferred products, such as baked good with it’s modern European style baking, meats, seafood, over 350 different fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, a wide array of cheeses, dairies, and a major varity of domestic, imported wines. The main purpose in redesigning this website is to utilize the internet as a medium for advertisement purposes and help Kudler Fine Foods promote to a broad range of demography which is typically over looked by the traditional advertisement attempts. Another benefit to be gained by Kudler Fine Foods is the implementation of additional income from new customers. Implementing improvements will help customers interested in all Kudler Fine Foods has to offer will have full access to online services and products which will increase revenue for the business. Consumers who would like to see their prices or

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